Some of my old programming projects:
Fribatulokset - Disc golf scores
fribatulokset Disc golf scorecard online app for mobile phones & Facebook.
SpeedTest - symbian&win
speedtest In the game you try to hit the buttons as fast as you can. The game will speed up when you score points. Best scores are added to the high score list. Fetches & parses local lunch menus from multiple restaurants.
Tingi - Bookkeeping and invoicing
Tingi Custom bookkeeping and invoicing software I made for a company selling IT hardware. Includes support for remote MySQL DB, authentication, product & customer database, graphs & statistics for income/outcome, invoicing with bar codes etc.
SLRate - Realtime SplatterLadder statistics in-game
slrate Utility for Wolfenstein:Enemy Territory game which you can use to see the players SL rating in servers.
Music player with crossfader and tempo sync - VdjM
vdjm VdjM is a simple music player with the possibility to mix 2 songs together. Songs can be loaded to player in folders or invidually and songs can be crossfaded. Program has also tap tempo so you can sync 2 different songs to have the same tempo and play songs without change in beat.
katelaskuri It calculates the contribution margin for company's sales and also provides currency calculator. Program receives online currency updates in XML-format and uses them to calculate current currency rate. Program is made with C#/.net.
'em up
bbpeli Java applet game which. Basic clicking game where you have to hit the appearing objects.
pala1 In the game you use arrow keys to move the tiles to right order and try to form a correct picture.

The game uses Direct3D lightning and objects' vertex data (tiles) is in the code so there is no external model-files used.Game was made with C++ and Microsoft DirectX 9.0c Direct3D API.
Pappis racing
pappis Project is not yet finished. It's about legendary Finnish moped called Tunturi and in the game you race against other moped drivers.