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Converting Nokia 5800’s videos to WMM and Youtube

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

Nokia’s mobile phones and Apple’s iPods  records videos with .mp4 video format which isn’t supported by Windows Movie maker which I use to edit and compile videos. Therefore videos  have to be converted to .avi or .wmv which are supported by WMM.

pazera mp4 to avi

Pazera mp4 to avi converter v1.3

Free and easy to use tool for the conversion is Pazera mp4 to avi converter. It supports many different output formats and has settings to change the bitrate and codec freely. I’ve messed around with different settings and found out that best option for importing to WMM is WMV v.2 codec. I’ve set the output bitrate to 3000  kbit/s which produces good quality videos.

After the conversion with Pazera converter I import the videos to WMM. Aspect ratio has to be set to 16:9 if the videos are recorded in widescreen format.

From WMM it’s easy to save the edited video with default recommended settings and the video is ready to be uploaded to Youtube.

I made a video of the process:

Nokia Sports Tracker motivates to train

Sunday, January 24th, 2010
Sports trakcer in mobile

Sports tracker in a mobile phone

Nokia Sports Tracker is a mobile application to Nokia mobile phones which have internal gps-unit. You can track different activies (likecycling,running, skiing etc…) with it and it gives you information such as speed, distance, and time (even hearth rate if you have necessary equipment).

online view

Online service

But the best part of it is that you can upload your workouts to Nokia’s online service where you can see the route you ran in a map, music you listened or the pictures you took along the way. The workouts can also be shared in social networks like Facebook  and you can invite friends to join the training.

It’s still in a beta stage but it has all the functionalities to make it a great motivator to go out and do some workouts. Nokia Sports Tracker also won the Best Mobile Internet Service award in GSMA Global Mobile Awards 2009!


Endomondo is similar service and I’ve tried it also, but it doesn’t give so much information in the mobile’s screen as Nokia’s app does. Endomondo only gives you information about the time and distance as you do the workout when Nokia gives you all kind of different graphs about your workout. You can also send pictures to Nokia’s service but Endomondo does not have that ability. Endomondo’s pro in the other hand is that it  is supported in wide variety of different mobile brands.

You can find my Sports Tracker profile here.